Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama To Move DNC Convention Inside Due To Possible Severe Weather Is A Lie

Tomorrow is the last day of the DNC convention. So far, its been an wild ride for Obama and the Democratic party. The convention hasn't gone as well as they hoped. The Democatic party somehow removed God and their support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from their platform and had to send out Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to reinsert these items back into the platform despite loud opposition from the delegates.  Perhaps the biggest problem for Obama and the Democrats is that this convention isn't filling up the seats like they used to during the 2008 election: 
As a result, President Obama is giving his speech at the DNC convention but it won't be in the big stadium. It will be inside at a smaller venue. They claim the reason why he's giving his speech indoors is due to the possibility of severe weather  However, that claim is false
But in reality, the risk of thunderstorms and severe weather isn’t particularly high.
Brad Panovich, chief meteorologist for WCNC, the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, is questioning the decision.
“Severe threat is almost zero Thursday night & chance of rain is 20%” he tweeted.
He added: “It’s a simple question.. if you had a Panthers game, Concert or Soccer match with a 20% chance of storms would you cancel 24 hrs prior?”
The change in venue means means 65,000 people who had planned to attend the event won’t be able to do so.
“Feel horrible for all the people who had tickets to go see #POTUS speak,” Panovich tweeted.
NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center places Charlotte in broad area where “general” thunderstorms are possible and the risk of severe storms is not elevated.
The National Weather Service predicts a 30-40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.
The real reason for why the Obama administration is moving the speech inside is to make it look like there is strong support for Obama. Remember, perception is more powerful than the truth and as long as they can get as many people to buy into the perception that Obama is still popular, that's all that matters. The fact that there's proof that Obama cannot fill the seats for the first two days of the convention doesn't matter. Its all about perception and getting you to believe it even if it contradicts the truth. Moreover, its designed to distract you from the real storm that has been hanging over Presidency: 

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  1. Interesting also to note that Obama sued against Boeing bringing a manufacturing plant and jobs to North Carolina earlier. Bad idea if you ask me.