Monday, February 13, 2012

The Truth About Romney's Conservatism

Many conservative bloggers, commentators, speakers, journalists, politicians as well as television and talk radio show hosts claim that Mitt Romney is not a conservative. These claims are false. Let's review the truth about Mitt Romney's conservatism: 
1. Traditional Marriage: Mitt Romney has been a fierce supporter of traditional marriage. Maggie Gallagher, founder of the National Organization for Marriage, has penned an excellent article defending Mitt Romney's record on gay marriage. A group of citizens of Massachusetts publicly released a letter defending Romney's record on traditional marriage. Furthermore, he signed the a pledge from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) supporting marriage between a woman and man. As a result, Mitt Romney has been the strongest and consistent supporter of traditional marriage. That is clear from the facts and from those who served with Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. Moreover, Mitt Romney's marriage is another example of his support for traditional marriage since he's been a strong family man since he's been married once to the same woman for 42 years. No sexual harassment charges against him. No accusations of adultery. Romney has been able to create the ideal family: stable marriage, stable family, stable job, great home and lots of grandchildren.
2. 2nd Amendment Rights: Romney has been accused of supporting gun control and expanding the Assault Weapons ban in Massachusetts. The reality is every year he was governor he worked with the NRA on legislation making small reforms to Massachusetts’ existing draconian gun control laws, considered a step forward for gunowners by the NRA. In 2005, he issued a proclamation declaring May 7 “Right to Bear Arms Day.” Gun Owners Action League, the Massachusetts gun organization, issued these statements about Romney’s record, “During the Romney Administration, no anti-second amendment or anti-sportsmen legislation made its way to the Governor’s desk. Governor Romney did sign five pro-second amendment/pro-sportsmen bills into law.”
3. Defender of Religion: Mitt Romney has a very long history of defending religious liberty while working as governor of Massachusetts  a strong defender of religion. For example, in 2005, Romney actually vetoed a bill that would have forced Massachusetts hospitals to offer abortive contraception. He also defended Catholic Charities in Massachusetts who being forced to compromise their religions principles in matters of adoptions by filling a bill to protect religious liberty called the An Act Protecting Religious Freedom. As a result of his defense of religious liberty in Massachusetts,  the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty awarded him its prestigious Canterbury Medal in 2008. 
4. Capitalism: Mitt Romney's economic record as a conservative cannot be impeached. He has only spent four years as a politician by being the Govenor of Massachusetts. The rest of his life has been in the private sector.
5. Foreign policy: Mitt Romney has been strong on issues of national security, terrorism, and supports our military.  I strongly recommend everyone read Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech at The Citadel. 
6. Law: Mitt Romney's positions and record on matters that are important to legal conservatives is also unimpeachable. He has a strong record of defending the Constitution, state's rights and appointing judges that do not legislate from the bench.
7. Health Care: Mitt Romney's record on health care is clearly conservative. Before the 2012 election, RomneyCare wasn't a problem for conservatives. It wasn't a problem for conservatives when he proposed his health care plan.The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation liked it and published a report titled the "Massachusetts Health Reform: The Myth of Uncontrollable Costs."  There are several fan over at the Heritage Institute such as Robert Moffit, Ph.D., and Edmund Haislmaier. In fact, the Heritage Foundation advised Mitt Romney in the creation of RomneyCare before they flipped their support for RomneyCare when it became politically unpopular to support it.  Many conservatives endorsed RomneyCare. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have supported RomneyCare. For conservatives worried about the constitutionality of RomneyCare, his health care plan is constitutional whereas ObamaCare isn't.  
8. 2008 Election: During the 2008 Presidential primary, Mitt Romney was hailed as the "true conservative alternative" to John McCain. All the major conservative bloggers, politicians, talk show hots, columnists were strongly endorsing and encouraging conservative voters to support Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney won the conservative vote in many of the state primaries and caucuses. Yet, in one of the strangest reversals in conservative history, Mitt Romney is somehow painted as not a true conservative in this 2012 election.   
9. 2010 Election:  Mitt tirelessly campaigned on behalf of conservatives and Tea party candidates in 2008 and the 2010 elections. He demonstrated his character by working to help the McCain/Palin team defeat Obama. During the 2010 election, he went on a whirlwind tour supporting conservative candidates across the country and provided millions of dollars in donations to local, state and Congressional candidates win. Mitt Romney was an powerful force in helping the Conservative tsunami happen. 
10. 2012 Election: Many people say that Mitt Romney isn't getting the support of conservatives in the primary election. However, if you look at the facts, its clear that Mitt Romney has been receiving strong support from solid conservative voters in the primary elections so far.
People keep insisting that Mitt Romney is not a conservative. Yet, the record clearly shows that he's been consistently conservative ever since he entered into politics. What more evidence do conservatives need to prove his conservative credentials? The fact is that Mitt Romney has always been a conservative. If you want to get more details about Mitt Romeny's conservative record, check out Mitt Romney Central,, and Mitt Romney Encyclopedia.  
In conclusion, let me leave you with the words of a conservative candidate who strongly endorsed Mitt Romney: 
"In a few short days, Republicans from across this country will decide more than their party's nominee. They will decide the very future of our party and the conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan built.Conservatives can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines in this election, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear," Senator Rick Santorum (Feb 1, 2008)


  1. Conceptually Obamacare is most likely constitutional as well but its legal setup may get snagged by the current supreme court. Or not. What hasn't changed is the fact that prior to 2009, this arrangement was the preferred healthcare arrangement for conservatives. Not liberals. Not progressives. Probably not Obama, deep down. But because it was co-opted from the Right by Obama, supporting it became political poison.

  2. I find it amusing how much conservatives and their group tend to rapidly change whatever position it is that they have to go with the crowd.