Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins The Nevada Caucus

Mitt Romney got a strong victory tonight when all the major news outlets declared him the winner despite the fact that only 20% of the results have been reported. Once victory was declared, Romney gave a rousing speech defending economic liberty, religious liberty and the Constitution. 
Tonight's victory is expected to be first in long string of victories as more and more primary states hold their elections. An important ally in helping Mitt Romney win the upcoming primaries might be the people of his own faith:
Now that he has survived, if only barely, the evangelical-dominated contests in Iowa and South Carolina, Romney is poised to benefit as the geography of the GOP race moves west to states such as Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

There, Romney will be aided by the more robust presence from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members tend to vote in high numbers and supported Romney en masse in 2008. That makes the Western-heavy lineup of February primary and caucus states, which also includes Romney’s native state of Michigan, a promising opportunity for Romney to deny his opponents any semblance of political traction.

On top of the sheer numerical bonus of having more Mormon voters at the polls, Republicans say it will help Romney to compete on turf where voters of all stripes — even more conservative Christian Republicans — are more familiar with Mormonism and view it with less suspicion.

“The LDS thing I think is probably less of an issue here … because we’re so familiar with Mormons and the LDS faith,” said former Colorado Rep. Bob Beauprez, a Romney supporter. “I think most people see them as patriotic folks, good neighbors, hard workers, wonderful family values. The mystery, if there’s any of that, just doesn’t exist out here.”
However, Mormons won't be the only group that will help propel Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination. Exit polls from all the primary states so far that he's winning the support of people from across the board religiously, economically, by age and all along the wide spectrum of libertarian, moderate, and strong conservatives.  The fact that Mitt Romney is doing so well across a variety of voters in the primaries is a preview of the kind of support he will receive in the general elections from Reagan democrats, moderates, independents, libertarians, Tea Partiers and conservatives. Its possible that many liberals will also abandon Obama at the ballot box in November given his poor performance on the economy. 
Nobody can predict the future but all indicators suggest that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination. Right now, he's far ahead in the delegate count with 95 delegates, has a major fundraising advantage over his Republican competitors,  has superior campaign organization and an awesome campaign staff. These advantages will surely help Mitt Romney in the general election when he will defeat Obama and become the next president in 2012. 

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