Friday, January 8, 2010

A Simple Campaign Promise Any President Could Keep

Recently, C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb took Obama up on his campaign pledge and asked in a letter that lawmakers let his cameras in during the final deal-making between the House and Senate.

During the 2008 Presidential elections, President Obama promised to bring in transparency in our govermnet by televising the health care debates on at least eight different occasions. Obama is clearly refusing to honor such a simple campaign promise. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs isn't making things easier in his inability to explain why Obama isn't keeping this promise.

Brian Lamb is clearly unhappy with President Obama's refusal to honor his campaign promise stating that the C-SPAN was used as political football during the Presidential elections.

Its pretty obvious that televising the Congressional discussions on health care is the easiest campaign promise President, Republican or Democrat, could keep.

How hard is it for Obama to keep that promise? All he has to do is say yes to C-SPAN's request and Obama's promise is kept. Its that simple.

For such an EASY promise to keep, why is Obama and the Democrats refusing to let the American people watch the very people they elected to represent them discuss Health Care Reform?

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