Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts suddenly becomes Texas

So Massachusetts elects the first Republican senator in forty years, and the first republican in this particular seat since Henry Cabot Lodge. Scott Brown pulls off one of the biggest upset in a state that went for Obama by 26 points.

How do you explain it?

Racism II
Not Radical enough
Illogical Anger
More Sexism
Date Raping the Mass Electorate (I kid you not)

And when you consider the unmitigated anger by liberals at losing one of their safest areas in the country, they do not seem to be learning anything from their own mistakes. After running a candidate who ran a campaign that was based on the assumption that an empty soda can could win in Massachusetts (complete with incompetence on an incredible level) and being anchored with a very unpopular liberal agenda, there seems to be no attempt to look at what they have done and take stock. Instead they continue to operate under the assumption that the bluest of blue states has all of a sudden become Bull Conor's Alabama of 1960; a bastion of anti-black sentiment.

Let's be frank, if you can lose this badly in Mass then you are at risk everywhere. If the democrats continue to push forward with an agenda that is completely unpopular with the electorate, they will lose to such a degree that it'll make the 1994 republican revolution look like a minor storm. And yet based on all the pundits and major liberal leaders, they not only will not falter in their push but will instead re double their efforts.

When your opponent is doing everything in your favor, do not oppose him.

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