Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Presidential Debate: The Facts About ObamaCare & RomneyCare

Many of you have been doing your due diligence of conducting your own research into who you should vote for in November. Tonight's 2012 Presidential debate will focus on the economy. Quite naturally, there will be a debate between Obama and Romney on health care. I have collected a series of articles I have written that you can read in preparation's for tonight's debate. 
The Facts About ObamaCare
  1. Obama's Failed Promise Under ObamaCare
  2. 5 Reasons Why ObamaCare Is Bad Law 
  3. ObamaCare Unconstitutional, RomneyCare Constitutional
  4. ObamaCare Unconstitutional, RomneyCare Constitutional 
  5. See The Big Differences RomneyCare And ObamaCare
  6. Another Democrat Admits ObamaCare Is A Trojan Horse For Single Payer Universal Health Care 
  7. Obama Was Against RomneyCare Before He Was In Support For It 
  8. Obama Did Not Use RomneyCare As A Template
  9. ObamaCare Pays Off Big Business and Big Unions, RomneyCare Doesn't. 
  The Facts About RomneyCare
  1. A Simple Way To Destroy Obama's New Attack Ad On RomneyCare
  2. Ann Coulter On RomneyCare
  3. Part VII: RomneyCareRomneyCare Not Socialized Medicine
  4. Mitt Romney Would Repeal ObamaCare On The First Day Of His Presidency
  5. The Truth Behind The Costs Of RomneyCare
  6. In Defense Of RomneyCare (Updated: 4/4/11)
  7. Please Call It MassDemCare, Not RomneyCare

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