Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Campaign Releases New App: Mitt's VP

Beth Meyers, who is the woman assisting Mitt Romney find his Vice President and running mate, has announced the release of free app on your iPhone or Android device which will alert you to who Mitt Romney's VP is before anyone else. 
Of course, members of the media will also download the app so that they can announce Mitt's pick as quickly as possible. However, its an innovative idea to garner more interest and excitement in Mitt Romney and his VP pick. It also helps add to the suspense of finding out who Mitt's VP is. Also, I think the Romney team wanted to find a way for people to feel personally involved with the Romney team by giving them an opportunity to be personally notified rather than find out who he picked from the news.  
You can download the app here: http://mi.tt/Ni5wb0

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