Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Progressives & Liberals Aren't Making It Easy For Obama To Win Reelection

When the 2012 election was just barely starting, many people thought Obama would fly through the primary election unchallenged. Now Obama faces some serious opposition from liberals and progressives. The Green Party, a far left political party have nominated an old political foe of Mitt Romney named Jill Stein to be their nominee in 2012:
A medical doctor who once challenged Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts says she has enough delegates to win the Green Party’s presidential nomination.
The campaign of Jill Stein says she clinched the nomination after California’s primary Tuesday and now has won two-thirds of the delegates allocated.
Green Party delegates will gather in July in Baltimore for their nominating convention. The party says it’s committed to ecology, social justice, grass-roots democracy and non-violence.
Even though she has competed against Mitt Romney, he isn't concerned about her. But Obama should have reason to be concerned given that a Texas inmate named Keith Judd won 42% of the votes in the West Virginia primary, John Wolfe gave Obama a difficult time in the Arkansas 2012 primary and voters in the 2012 Kentucky Primary voted for a candidate named "Uncomitted." There's also speculation from people on the Right and Left that Bill Clinton is sabotaging Obama's campaign efforts. Other Democrats have undermined Obama's attack on Romney's experience in the private sector.  Even Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin could be construed as evidence that liberals and progressives are unhappy with Obama since many union members voted for the governor. 
Mitt Romney doesn't have this problem. Even if Ron Paul decides to run as a third party candidate, it would harm President Obama rather than Romney. Many conservatives, moderates and independents are warming up to Romney given that he has a rapid response team that has gotten people excited. They know that Mitt Romney isn't going to the run a campaign the way John McCain did against Obama. Mitt is serious about winning this election and people are excited about it.
It is clear that liberals and progressives are unhappy, discontented and disappointed in Barack Obama. The evidence is clear at the ballot box and in liberal third party political groups like the Green Party. What's worse for Obama is that he's facing challenges from the Left from different directions. There's no single challenger but multiple challengers who thwart Obama in various ways. We will have to wait and see if this will have a negative impact on Obama's reelection chances and make him a one term president in November.

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