Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deval Patrick: Mitt Romney Flipped Flopped On Gay Mariage But Obama Didn't

Current Massachusetts Goveneor Patrick Deval has claimed that Mitt Romney has flipped flopped on gay marriage while Barack Obama didn't flip flop but "evolved" on the issue of gay marriage:
Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick slammed Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper on Sunday while defending President Obama as leading through “convictions,” a reversal of the attacks launched by many Republicans against Obama.
“I think what we know is that Mitt Romney has occupied many positions on many issues, and he has, you know, back in 1994, when he was running for the United States Senate he said publicly that he would be better than Ted Kennedy on gay and lesbian issues. He takes a different position in front of a different audience today,” he said on ABC’s This Week.
Alternately, Patrick said that Obama “is running on and leading through a set of convictions.”
Patrick was referencing Obama’s admission that he supports gay marriage, a position that many critics have called a flip-flop on the issue, with Democrats defending it as an “evolution.” But Patrick’s statements make it clear that neither candidate is free from the accusation of flip-floppery.
Deval Patrick knows about flip flopping since he took Mitt Romney's $ 2 billion surplus that he left at the end of his term as governor and flipped it to a whopping $101, 908, 205, 432 debt (as I write this post) for the state of Massachusetts. Governor Patrick Deval has taken Mitt Romney's surplus and squandered it and is on track to be about 1.5 or 2 billion dollars in debt. What's even more amazing is that Governor Deval has been receiving $7 billion in federal stimulus funds for the las two years and Massachusetts which hasn't helped reduced the deficit.
In fact, his spending is so outrageous since he blew money on himself and his staff which made the citizens of the state very unhappy. Thanks to Deval Patrick's leadership, Massachusetts is in debt. And what's his solution to fix the problem? More spending
Govenor Duval has flipped the state back to the same level of debt before Mitt Romney became Governor of Massachusetts and he hasn't improved the state financially but regressed back to the same old problems. 
This is a very clear indication of poor financial leadership.

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