Monday, November 8, 2010

2012 Presidential Election: Who Is Running And Who Is Not

Although the 2012 election hasn't started yet, the Presidential election season begins the day after November 2nd. Even though its too early to know, its fun to see who the potential 2012 candidates might be. 
George W. Bush has stated that his brother, Jeb, will not be running for President in 2012 even though he would like his brother to bid for the White House. Although Chris Christie is popular with many conservatives, he has stated that there is a "zero chance" he will run for President in 2012. But he might throw his hat in the ring in 2016. Jim DeMint has declared he's not running for President in the upcoming election either.  
While we've listed those who aren't running, there are some people who are considering a run. Donald Trump says he's thinking about it although I'm not sure how serious this idea is. The idea of having a businessman run for President hasn't never been successful. Just look at Steve Forbes and Ross Perot. Interestingly enough, the Boston Herald thinks Scott Brown should run. Former New York governor George Pataki is thinking about running in the next election. All other potential candidates such as Mitt Romney, Mike Pence,  Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and others have not stated one way or the other if they are running.
Hillary Clinton has stated that she will not run in 2012 or 2016. I take that to mean that the Clintons will never seek the Presidency unless Chelsea Clinton decides to run far, far into the future. However, some are looking to Howard Dean as a potential challenger to Obama but his office shut that rumor down very quickly. Others have floated the idea of having Russ Feingold challenge Obama in the next election but he gave a Sherman-like statement that he's not running either
The interesting thing is that some Democrats are looking for someone else other than Obama to run despite the fact that Obama has stated he wants to run. The Democrats should seriously entertain the idea of Obama being a one term President and have a Democrat run against him since his poll numbers against potential Republican challengers don't look so great.
I've created a simple list of the potential 2012 contenders As you can see, the Republican side is quite crowded with potential contenders. Do you see anyone that I should add to the list? 
UPDATE (11/8/10): I received an e-mail from someone asking me if Evan Beyh  was considering running in 2012. The answer is no, he's not running.  
Christ Christie
Jeb Bush
Jim DeMint
Mitt Romney
Sarah Palin
Ron Paul
Mike Huckabee
Tim Pawlenty
Haley Barbour
Paul Ryan
Mike Pence
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Rick Perry
John Thune
Mitch Daniels
Bobby Jindal
George Pataki
Donald Trump

Michelle Bachman

Gary Johnson 

Scott Brown

Fred Karger

Herman Cain (dropped out of the race) 
Hillary Clinton
Evan Beyh 
Howard Dean
Russ Feingold
Barak Obama


  1. ron paul for president! his book changed my views forever.

  2. Ron Paul is the man for the job, absolutely.

    Thanks for the article. I wouldn't cross any democrats off the list just yet.

    I believe that Hillary is certainly exploring the idea as Obama's popularity drops daily. Not trying to write a book on your comments, so I will link to the story i wrote on the 2012 elections here

    if you are interested, i just feel we may not see the auto-endorsement of the incumbent as has been the case in recent history.

  3. I'm no fan of Ron Paul. But I appreciate your enthusiasm for him.

    Thanks for the link for the story.

    Please keep reading my blog and leaving comments! :)

  4. So far i'm agreeing with most and/or all of the issues that Ron Paul is discussing. I wish I knew all the conservatives that are running for president, though. That would limit most of my choices. I agree with some of the stuff that Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson say. But I don't like Mitt Romney that much. But those are the only 3 people I've researched so far... but I intend to research everybody!

  5. I've been trying to cover all the candidates who have announced for President. If you see a candidate you don't enough about and want to learn more about them, do a search on my blog or study them up through researching on the Internet.

  6. This is to announce that Mark B Graham is seeking the Citizens Party presidential Nomination for 2012.Mr Graham hopes to work for the people of the United States and earn back the trust of the people.I also like to know why the major media outlets are not talking about other parties besides the Democrats and Republicans.I think it is time they start covering all candidates running for President of the United States.