Monday, October 25, 2010

We Won't Tolerate It In California Or Washington

Meg Whitman is now in a competitive race against Jerry Brown.  Polls show that Jerry Brown has a slight lead against Meg Whitman. One poll conducted by the University of Southern California-Los Angeles Times claims that Jerry Brown has surged past Meg Whitman in support from California voters by 13 points. The Meg Whitman campaign sent out a e-mail blast to its supporters claiming that the poll is unreliable.
"Just like their poll earlier this fall, today's Los Angeles Times poll, conducted by a Democrat polling firm, assumes a completely irrational turnout mix. Additionally, it's aged. That's fine for cheese and wine, but not polls. 
The Times poll obliterates the model from the last mid-term election and skews significantly toward a Democrat wave-like '08 turnout model. Specifically, The Times is assuming a +5% Democrat tilt over the '06 mid-term turnout. Obviously any rational observer and pollster would find that ignorant of what is occurring with the electorate. 
Additionally, The Times poll was in the field from 10/13-18; before a discernible Whitman uptick in other polls. In other words, it's old, statistically flawed, and in no way a current snapshot of the race. 
"Statistically, given the clear average of multiple public and private polls fielded in a similar time frame, The LA Times poll should be categorized as an outlier poll and can be dismissed as simply inaccurate," said Whitman pollster John McLaughlin. Dr. David Hill, also a Whitman campaign pollster, agreed with that assessment. 
We are certain this race is extremely close, and we are confident of our position to close this campaign with a historic result a week from Tuesday that will give California its first woman governor.
California cannot afford to have Jerry Brown reelected for a third term as Governor of California. The state currently faces an unemployment rate of 12.4%. Some analyst think the real unemployment rate is 22%. When Jerry Brown left office in 1983, the unemployment rate was 11% and there were about 1.3 million Californians out of work. Currently, California is 19 billion dollars in debt. Does California really want a Governor who repeatedly increased spending and taxes under his administration?
My fellow conservatives and tea partiers; California is our modern day Alamo.  The familiar maxim, as "California goes, so does the nation" is true.  If California elects Jerry Brown, he will continue the bad financial habits that the state has been engaging in for years.  And other states will follow Jerry Brown's bad example. Why? California voters will simply be sending a message to politicians that they should not take our anger over excessive tax and out of control spending seriously by rewarding financially irresponsible behavior if they elect Jerry Brown.
That is simply unacceptable.
For those of you who are concerned about America's current financial crisis and want to put an end to reckless government taxation and spending, the best way to do that is to help Meg Whitman in the last days of the election.  If we allow Jerry Brown to beat Meg Whitman, it doesn't matter what other victories win on November 2nd. Why? California is simply a reflection of how federal government operates by imposing high taxes and reckless spending.  As a result, California could drag American down financially if it continues on the path of financial irresponsibility. The consequences won't be limited to California.  It will certainly ripple across the country.  As you can see, this election has consequences that will impact each one of us and determine the success or failure of America.
Given the how important this California election is for the state and our nation, we must protect California, and by extension, America at all cost.  Therefore, I am asking you to dedicate an hour or more of your time every day this week to make calls for Meg Whitman. You can do it from the comfort of your own home regardless if you live in or out of California. If you are in California, please go to a Meg Whitman office near you and volunteer. I also encourage you to please make a contribution to the Meg Whitman campaign.
However, my most important request is that you ask you ask everyone you know who is concerned about the future of America to dedicate some time to helping Meg Whitman win on November 2nd. Just as early American patriots enlisted their friends and neighbors in the fight for freedom, I humbly ask that you invite your friends to make a stand for California and American by dedicating your time to help Meg Whitman win.
If you wish to send a message to the leaders on both parties that America's debt and out of control spending will not be tolerated any longer,  then the only acceptable way to send that message is to declare that it won't be tolerated in California either.


  1. What is the deal with the women GOP governor candidates and their crime propensity sons. Arizona’s Jan Brewer AKA Punky Brewster son (Ronald Brewer) is in jail for kidnapping and sexual assault and California’s Meg Whitman, AKA NutMeg son (Griffith Rutherford Harsh V) was accused of sexually assaulting a female classmate at Princeton University and arrested for breaking a woman’s ankle in California during a bar brawl, no jail time, sweet. I guess these two have Mommy issues.

    Nutmeg will lose as will Carly the tremendous failure of HP, don’t come crying to me if the GOP, keeps finding weak candidates, its like Mccain with the half-term Governor Palin all over again, what a joke that was, I mean comedian, talk show guest, commentator, now her new BS on the (of all places) The learning Channel, jack of all trades, master of none.

    June 14, 2010, The New York Times, Ebay paid out $200,000 because Nutmeg assaulted an employee, so it’s not the first time she has mistreated an employee.

    “The Whitman campaign issued a statement signed by Ms. Whitman that described Ms. Young Mi Kim as a “respected colleague and valuable asset to the company. In any high-pressure working environment, tensions can surface,” the statement said. ” Not quite a denial, what a fool she is.

    I must say one thing about Nutmeg is that she is a good parrot and the cracker she wants is CA:

  2. I'm so disappointed - I was really hoping for Whitman and I'm scared of Jerry Brown :(