Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mitt Romney Looking Better And Better For 2012

Mitt Romney is looking more and more like the possible Republican challenger to President Barak Obama.  Dr. Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee had this to say about Mitt Romney on Hugh Hewitt's radio show
HH: Who is the most formidable Republican as you look out for the fifteen months from now, Republicans vote in Iowa. Who would you least like to see come out of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida as the Republican nominee to take on President Obama.
HD: Romney.
HH: Why?
HD: Same reason I was most afraid of him the last time. Very articulate, and he’s got plenty of money. He is good looking and all that kind of stuff, and that matters. I suspect strongly that his personal life is squeaky clean, very bright. And the interesting thing, however, though, is of course Obamare and Romneycare are one and the same. So Obama’s health care plan, we’ll get into this tonight, but I actually think Obama’s health care plan was incredibly bipartisan, despite the fact that I don’t think it got one single vote in either chamber, when all was said and done. And the reason is it was a carbon copy of something that Governor Romney passed in Massachusetts.
Joe Scarbourough also thinks Mitt Romney will be the eventual GOP 2012 winner to challenge Obama: 
Here's the transcript from the Morning Show:
"Just really quickly, talking about 2012.
I just have to get this out, because I've heard for the past couple hours that these elections in 2010 are going to actually make the candidate more conservative in 2012.
It's counter-intuitive: the opposite is true.
The opposite is true, because you have elections like Clinton in '92; Obama in 2008. They fire up the base, and what happens is you have a mid-term that corrects by going too far left [to] too far right.
And then, two years after that, you expect establishment Republicans like Nixon in '68. If you look at '66, the Republican Revolution gives us an establishment candidate, Nixon in '68.
You can look at Gingrich in '94, gives us Bob Dole in '96. There is always this back-and-forth.
We're going to dart way right, and you watch Mitt Romney -- mark it down this morning -- is the benefactor of the lunge to the right."

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