Sunday, March 21, 2010

ObamCare May Come Down To A Mere 5 votes

The House of "Representatives" is currently in the process of passing ObamaCare, the last stop of universal health care will not be on the President's desk but before the Supreme Court.

As stated in the previous post, Idaho passed a law instructing the Attorney General sue the Government while 37 other states are considering passing similar legislation. Two state attorney generals are taking the initiative and are not waiting for the state government to issue instructions file similar lawsuits.

It is possible that Universal health care may ultimately pass or fail by a slim margin of 5 votes. The 5 crucial voters are not members of Congress but members of the Supreme Court. ObamaCare may pass or fail by a 5-4 vote, as another controversial supreme court case did in Bush v. Gore, and will depend on what constitutional issue is brought before the Supreme Court. But it will be many years before the final votes on the Constitutionality of ObamCare is decided.

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