Monday, November 9, 2009

Ft Hood Murderer; Four legs good, two legs better?

It's been four days since the Ft Hood massacre where Major Nidal Halik Hasan went out, screamed "Allah Akbar" and shot 13 people. In those four days there's been a lot of discussion about the motives of this individual, some based on fact and some based on nothing more then hyperbole. President Obama went out the day of the shooting and stated that we shouldn't jump to conclusions, a statement I agree with entirely. When you do that you make it far harder for the truth to come out or to gain traction. And in the end the truth is the only thing that matters.

Now there's been a bunch of information that's been discovered about this individual

1) He attended the same mosque that some of the 9/11 hijackers did, with an iman who praised the actions of this individual after the fact.

2) The intelligence community has reported that they have information that Hasan tried to contact Al-Qaeda

3) He had a history of statements that were warning flags to his fellow soldiers, including support for suicide bombings against American soldiers, he was a Muslim first and an American second. This was done in person and on message boards.

4) The Washington Post reported that he told his neighbors and friends that he was going to go out to do "God's Work" the day of the murders

5) He had gone to extreme lengths to avoid deployment

There's also a fair amount of information to suggest that while his statements made alot of people uncomfortable and were warning flags to people at both Walter Reed and Ft Hood, no one wanted to comment on it for fear of looking racist.

So with all that information, there's a STRONG case to be made that this guy is a home grown terrorist. I don't know if it meets the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard for the law but its strong.

So what's been the response?

An all out attempt to blame everything else which includes

1) Blaming 'teasing' and racism

2) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from listening to the stories of other veterans

3) That his religion is irrelevant and you're a racist for thinking otherwise

4) That its the military's fault for being over stretched

5) That its Bush's fault

Is the 'mainstream media' discussing his faith or the mosque he attended? No instead we get reports about howthis will lead to Islamophobia or how to do such would give credence to the right wing or that there are Christian nuts too or that we can't go investigating every muslim soldier because it would destroy diversity. So we are getting every possible excuse, which conveniently enough ties in with every single liberal talking point about the war and dealing with Muslims. While alternative arguments are clearly welcome on how to explain the motive of the murderer, many of these are just grasping at liberal straws to avoid the majority of evidence. You don't get PTSD by LISTENING to veterans, you get it by being in combat. I, and millions of others, were teased and harassed (including at times for my faith) but the vast majority of us don't shoot people. And the military being overstretched and whatnot have been claims since 2003.

But what about other murders? Say......the murder of George Tiller, a Kansas Abortion Doctor. Surely they wouldn't jump to conclusions and would wait some time while fleshing out all sorts of possible excuses



A Minute

The truth is that the liberal media are more then happy to jump to conclusions about murders that would fit their template. When it was a census worker (who now people believe was a suicide) it was Glenn Beck, anti-government right wing christian militias and talk radio. When it was an abortion doctor it was every right wing blog under the sun, Christians, the Catholic Church and Rush Limbaugh. And if there's no proof, who the hell cares? Just shout it enough times as loud as you can from the roof tops and people will believe it. After all "If you tell a lie long enough loud enough then people will sooner or later believe it". But when there's proof staring at you in the face, when there's evidence of a very strong case, and it involves the murder of a 'protected class of individuals' in an effort that 'would inflame the right wing', then the motive must be blurred to the point of lunacy. You can't discuss what's right in front of you, instead you have to squint and shut your eyes.

For right now the evidence suggests that Nasan was a home grown jihadist who wanted to murder Americans who were "harming his brothers and sisters". But there are elements who want to ignore the fact that, while they scream about right wing hate and christian extremists, there are people of a certain religious faith who have perverted it beyond all logic who want to kill us because we are different then them. What you call that is willful ignorance.

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