Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin drops out - liberals win

I wanted to write this based on the current belief that Sarah Palin, who is now resigning her post at the end of July, is doing this to get out of politics. This has been something I've been thinking about since I first heard the announcement. And this is my belief:

The Liberals not only just won but they proved they could commit political murder and get away with it.

Let me be clear that this isn't a post that says that because Palin is out Republicans can't win in 2012. If anything Obama is helping to make sure that Republicans will win if they run a decent candidate (not you Mr. McCain). I personally agreed with alot of the opinions that Palin had ridiculous untapped talent but needed some work around the edges.

My belief is that the liberals won because they followed one of Obama's mentors to the letter and did it without a peep of condemnation. What am I talking about?

Sam Alinsky's Rules for Radicals - Rule 12:

Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and then polarize it. Isolate the target from sympathy. People hurt faster then instutitons.

The liberal media, the liberal bloggers and the like saw someone who was a pure unadulterated threat. Ever since she was first announced as the Vice Presidential nominee for John McCain, conservatives acted (mostly) with jubiliation and liberals reacted like you had just put a head of garlic in front of Dracula.

Sarah Palin was subject to more ridicule, more innuendo, more out and out lies and horrid treatment then the last five Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees put together. She had her personal life combed through by every single media outlet with a high powered magnifying glass. It did not matter that, by and large, she was clean as a candidate (she wasn't perfect but she didn't have any real red flags). For a media intent upon destroying her, that didn't matter. The old saying that "A lie will get halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on" has never been more true. She was subject to a tsunami of half truths, outright lies, slanders, defamatory statements and false statements that would make a torts professor have a heart attack.

She murders wolves from helicopters, she really gave birth to the child that was her daughters', she had affairs, she was a slut, she was a bimbo, she was too ambitious, she didn't know anything, she thought she could see Russia from her house, she was Dan Qualye, she believed in Alaska seceeding from the US, she was a fundamentalist Christian wacko, she fired people for no reason, on and on and on and on have some bleeping mercy please. I'd list them all but It'd take me a month plus.

No one had EVER seen anything like it, and no one could prepare for such insanity. To the left, it didn't matter one iota, she was running against Barack Obama, the messiah. Her e-mail account was hacked into and she deserved it, her life was turned upside down and she deserved it. Her character was impugned and destroyed and she deserved it. And her only crime in all of this was to be a strong female Republican candidate. And she got basically NO help in defending herself from that. She put up as much of a fight as you can when you have an entire political party and media complex beating down on you, but one person can only do so much. She got some help from bloggers, some help from Fox News, but it was not remotely enough. And when it was all over she had conservative pundits blame her for the failures of the entire ticket (Because McCain did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to lose....riiiight), call her the reason the party was losing elections (because the governor of a quiet state like that really sets policy for the party in general) and was subjet to even more lies and innuendo. Of course that did nothing to stop the media who continued to act as if this was a new campaign season and hounded her mercilessly throughout 2008 and 2009. Again, how long can one person stand against such a wave.

I know some people out there are saying that this is a whining post. No, frankly this is the truth. I don't deny there's some complaining in this. I was and am a big Palin fan, even with her flaws. But I truly can not stand to see someone with such a future and scuh potential destroyed because of her ideals and because is not of the same class as most politicians are. And maybe its because I am your average republican but I can't stand to see an unfair fight with a bunch of "tough guys" against a woman. I'm plenty aware that she's a big girl and can take care of herself but something about that situtation always pisses me off. Guess I'm just a sexist at heart.

So what happens now? Personally I'd like to see take Andrew Sullivan, Andrea Mitchell, Daily Kos and all those other liberals groups who defamed her for over a year and sue their asses for defamation for every single penny they're worth. Another darker, Joker like part of me wouldn't mind paying every one of those individuals back in spades. Though that's not something I'd suggest, recommend or truly take seriously. No in the end there's little that i can do as your average part time blogger. Maybe some other bloggers can note this, maybe if we are lucky someone like Rush Limbaugh could discuss this.

The sad part is, it's all for naught. Liberals followed their game plan to eliminate a threat. Baring some great strategy that I'm not seeing or some amazing comeback, Palin is no longer a viable national political challenger. The liberals in that sense got exactly what they wanted; they destroyed someone they saw as a threat, and they did it with no real facts. And above all else, they did it without any real consequences to them.

And that's why Palin might very well end up similar to Bork, as a verb as much as a person.

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  1. Man up for crying out loud. She thinks outside of the box.

    I'm not going down the road of CW a bunch of Braindead Obamabot Zombies and water-weak RINOS slog down. Up yours!

    Please. 2012 is still a ways away, there is more Chairman MaObama destruction a'coming (we have not seen NOTHING yet) and ZerObama should give losers EVERYWHERE the inspiration that they, too can lie and cheat their way into the boots of Leader of The Free World.

    Hillary Clinton almost made it and crappy McLame almost made it 4 years after many pundits said he'd never be able to run again. I'm not following any of you buggers!!!