Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama & Biden: Debt?! Yes We Have!

Is there really a correlation between the way a politician manages their own personal finances and how they manage the finances of the Federal Government? It has recently been disclosed that Biden and Obama have both been living beyond their means prior to being elected to the White House.

'We Can't Keep Borrwing'; Obama Says; Except for Plastic is the headline for the Los Angeles Times' business section. The LA Times makes a good point that there is a lack of consistency between Obama's concern about the credit card debt of Americans and amount of debt our federal government is in, especially the amount of debt he racked up since he's been President.

Do you think that there is a relationship between the amount of debt a Washington D.C. politician has and how big or small a price tag a federal bill has attached to it. In other words, is it true that the bigger a politician's debt is, the more likely they will vote for bigger spending projects in comparison to a politician who has a smaller debt and will more likely to vote against big spending projects?

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