Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrate Debt Day on April 26!!

I think everyone ought to look at a short article posted at Red County in which U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg has identified April 26, 2009 as Debt Day. Since 2001, Debt Day happens on a different day every year depending on how fiscially responsible the politicians are at our nation's capitol.

What is this day about? U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg gives us a brief explanation of why this day is important to all Americans:
"On Sunday, the United States Federal Government will run out of money. It won’t, however, stop spending.

April 26 is “Debt Day” – the day on which federal spending for the 2009 fiscal year reaches the end of the available revenue and begins to finance itself with borrowed money. Money borrowed against the futures of our children and grandchildren. Money borrowed from countries like China."

As you can see from the picture below, Debt Day will happen sooner than usual.

You can read more of Rep. Rehberg's article here.

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