Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mitt Romney & The Resurgence Of The Republican Party

When historians and political scientists look back to see how the Republican Party bounced back in 2010 after losing badly in 2008, they are going to see that it was Mitt Romney who has single handily revived the GOP.

Romney and The Republican Comeback in 2010

As the picture below shows, Mitt Romney is THE guy that made the Republican victory in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts possible. Having a winning streak in three states is quite impressive, especially when they are states that that traditionally vote for the Democrats in state and national elections.

What's even more impressive is that Obama had the home field advantage against Romney's candidates since he won those same states in the 2008 Presidential elections.

Yet Obama is 0-3 against Mitt Romney.

People will attempt to deny the influence Romney has had in these three elections by claiming that each of the three candidates rode the "Tea Party" wave to victory. But if that were true, then Doug Hoffman, who was supported by the Tea Party movement, should have won the NY-23 election since the Republican party didn't endorse Hoffman until the very last minute after dropping their support for Dierdre Scozzafava.

There's also a second point to make about the NY-23 election. Although Romney was supporting the candidates in the Virginia and New Jersey election, he could have supported Hoffman but he didn't. The point here is to look at the difference between a candidate who rode completely on the Tea Party wave and those candidates who were backed by Romney.

The lesson is clear: Politicians who rely only on the support of the Tea Party movement have yet to win an election. Politicians who receive the support of Mitt Romney, have always won.

The score is pretty clear: Tea Party 0, Romney 3.

People will no doubt disagree with that bold statement. But consider this question: If you were a Republican candidate for running for Congress in 2010, who would you like to have to campaign and raise funds for you: Romney, Huckabee, Palin or the Tea Party movement?

If were smart, you'd be asking for Romney's help to win 2010.

Massachusetts And Beyond

In fact, Romney and his political team are still working behind the scenes to help Republicans win in 2010. His political team has spread across the country to help various Republican candidates win elections in November.

Key members of Mitt Romney's 2008 campaign staff have formed a consulting firm called the Shawmut Group which is based near Boston. This consulting firm has:
signed on to aid former U.S. Ambassador Tom Foley (R), who is running in a competitive primary to face Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.); state Sen. Scott Brown (R), the leading Republican contender in the special election to replace the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) in Massachusetts; and former Rep. Rick Lazio (R), who is running for governor of New York. (Source.)
There are other members of Romney's political team who are not part of the Shawmut Group but are assisting additional candidates in 2010:
Elsewhere, former Romney advisers are involved in a Senate race in New Hampshire that pits an insurgent against an establishment favorite. Charlie Spies, Romney’s chief financial officer, and Jim Merrill, Romney’s New Hampshire campaign manager, are helping businessman Ovide Lamontagne (R) explore a bid for retiring Sen. Judd Gregg’s (R-N.H.) seat. (id.)
Finally, a handful of Romney aides are helping Meg Whitman win the campaign for California governor:
Whitman has hired Spencer Zwick, Romney’s finance director, as well as Karen Hammond and Jennifer Cowen-Fitzgerald, two other Romney fundraisers. Rob Stutzman, a senior adviser to Romney’s California campaign, and Western regional political director Todd Cranney are also on Whitman’s team, as is former Romney deputy press secretary Sarah Pompei. (id.)
I am confident that each of the candidates that Romney has supported will win their elections in 2010.

If things go well for Republican party in 2010, they have Mitt Romney to thank for their success. Giving the Republicans Party multiple victories in 2010 is a win-win situation for the GOP and Romney. And its something they won't forget in 2012 if Romney decides to run.

Romney and The Republican Revival in 2012

Romney's role in breathing life back into the Republican party doesn't end in 2010. He's looking beyond to 2012 to where the Republicans to take the White House.

Those political candidates who received assistance and support from Mitt Romney in 2010 will most likely return their gratitude by helping him in 2012. Romney's strategy is brilliant because while other potential contenders are either doing television shows or book tours, Romney is planting the seeds for his own victory in 2012 by helping Republicans win in 2010.

Which brings us back to the beginning. If Romney runs against Obama in 2012, he's already ahead of Obama. In fact, he's drawn first blood from Obama.

By brining a Republican revival in 2010, Romney has done more than just win 3-0 against Obama, he's reduced his power and effectiveness. He has drastically reduced Obama's ability to make his radical agenda a reality in America by eliminating the Democrat's control of Congress.

As a result, this will hurt Obama in 2012 since Obama will no or little accomplishments to campaign on since he will find it much harder to get his programs through Congress now. Obama will be in weaker position politically in 2010 and onward to 2012.

Romney's strategy is simple: He isn't gonna let Obama campaign in full strength in 2012. Instead, Romney dismantling Obama piece by piece in 2010 and will continue to do until the Presidential elections begin. By 2012, there won't be much left of Obama, politically, for him to mount any kind of effective battle for the Presidential campaign.

If there is anybody to watch for in the next four years, its Mitt Romney.

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